Your generous contributions so far has allowed the LNER (GC) Heritage Trust to support recent projects like:

  • Construction of Platform 2 concourse extension 
  • Replacement of the Rushcliffe Halt Shelters and Fencing 
  • Transport Building Extension
  • Procurement of the 'Reading' Bridges for 'Bridging the Gap'
  • Acquisition of the Shirley footbridge for Rushcliffe Halt
  • Restoration of Bus PD1
  • New picnic benches for the Heritage Centre   


At this exciting time in the railways development we need your continued support more than ever. Quite simply, the more support we receive, the more we can support the development of the Great Central Railway in Nottinghamshire and it's base at the Transport Heritage Centre - and the sooner the vision of main line steam operating between Nottingham and Leicester will be achieved. 

If you choose to donate via Paypal or Virgin Money Giving please include a note so that we know which project you wish to support.

The LNER(GC) Heritage Trust (Registered Charity Number 1077725) is an essential part of the success story of the Great Central Railway in Nottinghamshire. It constantly seeks to attract donations and grants which it can then use to help develop the railway and heritage centre.

By supporting the preservation, restoration and development of the Great Central Railway between Ruddington and Loughborough and the Transport Heritage Centre the Trust is helping transform the GCR in the north, inspiring and educating current and future generations – but only with your help!

The LNER(GC) Heritage Trust works with GCRN, East Midlands Railway Trust, GCR, David Clarke Railway Trust and Friends of the Great Central Main Line, to protect and develop the future of the railway. Thank you for your help.

If you can make a donation, please consider 'gift aiding' it. Gift aid is a scheme where the government will add 25% to your donation as long as you are a UK taxpayer. It costs you nothing. You tick a box and we do the work. It can make a huge difference to our fundraising. (For your donation to be eligible for gift aid you must pay an amount of UK Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax at least equal to the tax the charity reclaims on your donations, in the appropriate tax year.)

There are many ways you can help us outlined below...

Join the LNER (GC) Heritage Trust - Membership means a great deal for you and a great help to us!

Join us as a member of the LNER (GC) Heritage Trust and discover the satisfaction of helping us to realise our ambitions in rebuilding the former Great Central Railway in Nottinghamshire and continually develop the Transport Heritage Centre into an active and educational visitor hub.

Everything here is organised and done by volunteers (no one gets paid!) by donating their efforts to see the rewards of growing our facilities and improving the visitor experience, year on year.

So much to see, so much to do, so much to enjoy… there are some great benefits for you as well. By joining our charity, you will receive a dedicated membership card for you or your family to enjoy: -

  • Privilege Travel Fares - Large discounts off Heritage Steam and Diesel Trains (Exceptions apply - e.g. Santa Specials and Fireworks)
  • Special Preferential travel fares at Gala Events.
  • Members' only quality magazine 'Driving Wheels'- includes news, photos and updates of what's happening
  • Join our working volunteers, make new friends – enjoy helping us rebuild and operate the Great Central Railway in Nottinghamshire and Transport Heritage Centre.
  • Be an armchair supporter, financially helping us restore the former GCR mainline into Loughborough, where we aim to join our friends in GCR Plc and steam through to Leicester from Nottingham.

Most of all, you will know that membership of our Charity Trust is vital to helping our continued success. Download a form here:

Then please return with your payment to: 

LNER (GC) Heritage Trust

Registered Charity No: 1077725

Nottingham Transport Heritage Centre, Mere Way,

Ruddington Nottingham.  NG11 6JS

or contact us at



Do you shop online? If you do, please consider registering with Easy Fundraising and adopt the LNER (GC) Heritage Trust (here) as your chosen good cause. By going through Easy Fundraising before you shop, the Trust will typically receive around 1% of whatever you spend – and you can also tick the ‘Gift Aid’ option increasing the value the Trust receives yet further – with no cost to you except a few ‘mouse clicks’.

If you choose to donate via Paypal or Virgin Money Giving please include a note so that we know which project you wish to support or whether you are making a general donation.

We appreciate any donation. They can be made online instantly, using online bank transfer. If you would like to support a particular project please make this the reference in the payment process. Our bank details to enter are:

LNER GC Heritage Trust, 

CAF Bank Ltd

Sort Code 40-52-40

Account Number 00010221

Pick up a donation leaflet (or get in touch via contactus@lnergcheritagetrust and we will send you an electronic version), fill it in and pop it in the post along with a cheque made payable to The LNER(GC) Heritage Trust. The address is Mere Way, Ruddington, Nottingham, NG11 6JS. Alternatively, bring your donation to the railway in person and hand it in at the Heritage Centre.

A standing order is a great way of giving a little every month (for example, £10) which over a year adds up to a very special donation. It’s easy to do. Pick up a donation leaflet (or get in touch via contactus@lnergcheritagetrust and we will send you an electronic version) and fill in the standing order section, pop it in the post to us at Mere Way, Ruddington, Nottingham, NG11 6JS. Alternatively, bring your form to the railway in person and hand it in at the Heritage Centre and we’ll do the rest.

Please remember we can claim Gift Aid on your donation. If you are a UK taxpayer, the government will top up your donation by another 25%. You tick a box, we do all the work - and it costs you nothing extra. Please Gift Aid your donation if you can - it makes a huge difference to our fundraising.

If you would like to support a particular project, please make this clear with your donation

Leaving part or all of your estate to The LNER(GC) Heritage Trust means we can continue our work and celebrate your passion for the cause after your death.  Among other major projects legacy donations are helping to fund the development of the new station and Transport Museum at Ruddington. However your gift doesn't have to be financial. You may have a collection we can either display or sell to raise funds.

There are a number of of types of gifts you can make in your will, such as leaving the remainder of an estate, a fixed sum of money or a named item.

Important Notes about leaving a legacy:

  • A bequest to a charity is free from inheritance tax.
  • While you may wish to nominate a project, we respectfully prefer that bequests are left to the general fund, allowing us to use it as priorities and projects change.
  • Writing a will can be a complex legal process and we would always advise you to contact a solicitor. We also advise you to regularly update it as your personal circumstances change. Your solicitor will need to know The LNER(GC) Heritage Trust’s registered charity number. It is 1077725

If you would like to know more about leaving the LNER(GC) Heritage Trust a legacy, please contact the registered office: Mere Way, Ruddington, Nottingham, NG11 6JS

Donation / bequests of items

Do you have an item of historical relevance that can help tell the story of the Great Central Railway in Nottinghamshire, MoD Depot or local transport system. Please consider donating it to the LNER (GC) Heritage Trust so that we can ever improve the interpretation of the railway for the visitor. We are happy to discuss the suitability of an item.

Corporate partner / sponsorship

Is your business looking to find a charity to support? - can your business help us? Be recognised as supporting a nationally significant project with a ever increasing profile. Whether it be labour, materials or financial support for either the railway, heritage centre or specific project, we are happy to discuss how you can help.

Please contact us at:

Can you spare some time? - Volunteer and help preserve and develop the Great Central Railway in Nottinghamshire.

Play an active role in railway and transport conservation for current and future generations to enjoy. Many of our visitors do not realise that the project is reliant on volunteers. Our volunteers perform all roles up and own the line. Sometimes mundane, sometimes exciting but always essential and enjoyable, become part of the team at this exciting and critical time in our development. For further information on joining the team please click here


Have you got photographs of the route in operation, MoD Depot or early days of preservation you would be prepared to share with the LNER (GC) Heritage Trust? This will assist us in providing an ever improving illustration of the Great Central in Nottinghamshire and it's history to document and educate current and future generations?

Please contact us at:

Gotham Moor Sidings in August 1969 - Image courtesy of B. Jeyes (c)

Ruddington Station after closure in 1963 - with platform copings lifted. Image courtesy of R. Sharpe (c)